Top five reasons to elope

What is Elopement? Based on the dictionary, it means two people running away. But no no no …. There is a new definition. Elopement is a new alternative way to have your dream wedding day come true. Eloping is seen to be more personal and meaningful just between you two or with closed family members. Ok.. so why elopement? Here are some top reasons that should make you think about eloping.

1.    If you want an intimate wedding between you two or just closed family members:

We all have some distant relatives who we probably see them every 5 years. While some couples love meeting and having EVERYONE around, some prefer to have a small and intimate wedding. If you don’t care about decor or centerpieces those things, Elopement may fit you better with intimacy and privacy on your big day, just being surrounded by your loved ones.

2.    If you don’t want to invite so many people but you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling:

Ahh, this is the most difficult situation. Do you have a big family? For example, both of your parents have 9 other siblings and you have over 50 cousins plus their spouse and children. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings  by not inviting them, but you actually don’t know too much about them. Feeding 500 guests can really be a budget concern. Then eloping to the rescue! You and your better half can elope with some of your closed family and friends and call it the best excuse not to invite so many other relatives. This way, no one gets hurt.

3.    You are adventurous couple and you want a stress free wedding:

If you both don’t care about décor, centerpieces, bridesmaid's dress these details. If you just want to get married and have a laid back wedding, elopement may be a good idea. As your elopement photographer, we will discuss where you want to go and what you want your wedding to be like at the first stage. I want it to be your best day of your life. For example, we can plan to have your ceremony at a chapel in Las Vegas. Then we take a helicopter to Grand Canyon for photos. I promise your wedding photos are going to be so unique and cool because not many people get to take their wedding photos in Grand Canyon. If you want to have a beach wedding either in the US or worldwide, we can definitely make it happen. I have so many cool places in my mind and I can’t wait to share with you. I grew up in a tropical island, so I love nature and water. Without having a traditional wedding and feeding 300 people, you can make your wedding day literally the best day of your life.

4.    You are shy and don’t feel comfortable to be in the center of world

Just to let you know that everybody is going to stare at you and watch your every move on your big day. Haha…that’s normal. But if you don’t like to be in the center of attention and feel embarrassed to kiss your the other half because everybody is watching. Eloping or having an intimate wedding may be a good idea for you. You can dance like no one is watching and be more like yourself. 

5.    Want amazing photos:

Just imagining your big day at a glacier top in Alaska or on a beach in Hawaii. You don’t need to wait until honeymoon or 10 year anniversary. You can get married and have your honeymoon in one place. You can have a cheesy chat with your significant other on the top of the mountain or on the beach. Your wedding day is so laid back and relaxed. And you are going to have some most amazing wedding photos that you can cherish for decades.   

Now I think you got the idea of why eloping.  What do you think so far? Contact me if you are planning your elopement wedding or intimate wedding. I can’t wait to plan with you.