Custom Blog Content Creation

Do you want to get more traffic to your website from Google ? Do you want to get more organic leads without paying ads? If you want to improve your SEO, you need to blog!! No matter you have certain topics you'd like to showcase on your blog or you have no idea what to blog about, I will help you to create the content.

What I offer :

  1. SEO focused blog post for at least 500 words/ per post
  2. Keywords research for your local market or your targeted market
  3. Optimize URL/ H1/H2/H3 tags
  4. Optimize head title and description
  5. Optimize all the names of the images as well as ALT, so your images can be found on Google Image

How does it work?

  • I will take time to know you and your business because there is no business alike. We discuss what content you want to blog. If you don't have any idea, it's OK. I will use the keywords to create the content.
  • You give me the permission to access your photo gallery and website. If you prefer not to give me the access to your website, I will give you the content via Google Doc and list all the content structure for you.
  • I will deliver the first post in 7 days after I receive the contract and payment. The rest of 2 posts will be delivered in every 7 days after I received your instruction and proper materials from you.

Common FAQs

Q: How much does it cost?

A: I charge $ 260 for 3 posts.

Q: What content do you offer?

A: My service is SEO focused, which means every post has a purpose. There are 2 categories for blog content. One is informative, such as how to set up the timeline, how to plan a wedding, or what is elopement. This category shows your knowledge to the wedding industry. Those posts are not for SEO purpose. The second type is for SEO purpose. I optimize the content structure all for you based on your targeted area from your previous weddings or from your local vendors. Every post is customized. This is not your typical blog template you buy from Etsy.

Q: Why me?

A : I am a wedding photographer so I know about wedding industry. I have a bachelor degree in English Literature and a master degree in Family and Marriage Therapy. In a word, I have extensive knowledge in weddings and marriage related topics. I treat your blog posts like writing for my own. I brainstorm all the possible keywords for your targeted market and look for high/medium volume but low competitive keywords. This process is very time consuming. Then I check your competitor's website and see how they are able to rank high. I optimize the SEO structure on the back-end. From my personal experience, if you found a right and less competitive keyword, it is not impossible to see the result in 2 months.

Are you ready to get more organic leads from Google? Let me help you and let's chat! CONTACT ME(click here)