Elope at airbnb in Asheville

Living in the Midwest, I haven't had too many chances to see mountains in recent years. I always hear Asheville is beautiful. Recently, I talked to my photographer friend, Kathy, who lives in Asheville. Kathy did an elopement at an Airbnb around Asheville area.

She shared her photos with me and shares why she thinks elope at Airbnb is such a good idea.

(Note: Courtesy of Legacy & Legend)

elope in Asheville

Elope at Airbnb


Here are the reasons why :

1. Eloping at Airbnb gives you a fun and stress-free day. If you don’t want to get married in a traditional wedding venue (Plus usually you can’t book a wedding venue with less than a certain amount of guests ), but at the same time, you still want to have a place to get ready and have an indoor backup plan, eloping at an Airbnb is your best option.

2. Less commute. Everything is in one place. Imagine you can start your day sitting in the balcony with a cup of coffee without feeling rushed. You don’t need to go from places to places (some people have getting ready, ceremony and reception in different places!). You and your family can celebrate your wedding day in a fun and laidback way.

3. Eloping at an Airbnb gives you everything:

*A wedding “venue” but cost so much less than a traditional wedding venue. 

*An outdoor and indoor ceremony site.  

*From getting ready, ceremony and reception are in one place. T

*It’s a destination wedding and honeymoon for you, and a weekend getaway for your guests. h

*Spend more time with your partner and close family and friends. i

*Don’t forget you get gorgeous mountain view as your backdrop. 

FAQs for eloping in Asheville

1. Do you know which Airbnb in Asheville allows 15-20 people gathering and have enough beds for my guests?

Yes. Here is the link of the Airbnb for this elopement. It was voted for the best mountain view and has good reviews. CLICK HERE to their website

2. How about our meals at reception? We don’t want to cook by ourselves.

Good question. You can hire catering, food truck or a private chef. You can customize your menu and you have more options to choose from besides cooking by yourselves or eating out in a restaurant. 

3. How much should I budget for an elopement in Asheville?

It varies. But based on my experience as an Asheville wedding photographer, I will say eloping at an Airbnb costs a lot less than holding a traditional wedding. The cost of traditional wedding venues ranges from $5000- $12000 during wedding season. If you elope at an Airbnb, you get wedding venue and accommodation for you and your guests in one place. 


You can see the whole article and more pictures by CLICKING HERE to my friend's website. Those photos are truly GORGEOUS. Thank you Kathy for sharing with me.

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