Top 5 questions to ask a St Louis Wedding Photographer

Over the years I have been working as a St Louis Wedding Photographer, I have known a handful of the best St Louis wedding places. Over time I have gained good experience of working with real St Louis weddings. So I am going to take some time out to list down some free information for you to benefit from.

While reading this post, please feel free to pop up any question you have about your St Louis wedding. You may also ask me about any other questions about the wedding photography. No matter any distance, any size of the wedding, or how soon or how far away from now to your wedding date, I want to be you St Louis wedding photographer. Please take a look, and as always, let me know if you have any questions about your St Louis wedding. Again, regardless of the distance, time of year, or the size, I want to be your St Louis wedding photographer. 

1.How much should I spend for a St Louis Wedding Photographer?

Typically, it’s about 10-15 percent of your total budget! Wedding photography service can range from $ 1500-10000. Your wedding day is going to be a once lifetime event. I understand everyone has a budget. But no matter how much your budget is for your wedding, I do believe to make your wedding photography as your priority. Just to be real here, after a month of your wedding, probably none of your guests remember what they eat during reception(even though you spend $ 30 per guest). Your flowers welted, and your wedding dress is stored in the closet. Only thing you have left is your the other half and your wedding photos. So I would suggest while choosing a St Louis wedding photographer, don't hesitate to splurge some budget as it is going to be worth it in the coming years.

2.Where should I get ready for my St Louis wedding?

At the venue. Choosing a place to get ready for your wedding goes hand by hand to which venue you choose for your wedding. My recommendation is to get ready at the venue because it saves yourself from the hassle of going place to place. One thing to keep in mind is that your St Louis wedding photographer will create highly impressive work only when you keep slight things under the eye. While choosing your place to get ready, go for a place that has a lot of natural lighting and space. Natural lighting is a photographer's best friend. It is the element that gives you results of airy and romantic photographs. You should opt for a venue that has the room with a big window and a lot of space for your family and friends. All of your stuff will first need to be put out and hide them away to get you a clean and tidy background. So when you tour a wedding venues, make sure to check out their get ready room. 

3.Where should we take our St Louis wedding photos?

For a St Louis wedding, you can get photographed at the venue. Most of the St Louis wedding venues are beautiful, spacious and have different nature backdrops for couple portraits. There are so many St Louis wedding to choose from. Ask yourself what kind of wedding venue do you want? Can you see yourself getting married in the woods? Farm? Barn? Rooftop? Chapel? Ballroom? Hotel? Winery? Estate? As mentioned above, while you are touring wedding venues, check out their getting ready room, ceremony site, and what are the cool spots for photos in the venue. As a St Louis wedding photographer, I suggest to look for venues that offer all these factors and also suit your taste. No matter what you choose, be sure to do good research and find what best suits your taste.

4.What is your experience as a St Louis wedding photographer?

Ah, 4 years now as a professional wedding photographer plus over 15 years having camera on my hands. It seems like a good long while, which gives me a lot to learn and cherish along the way. You can have an open-end chat with me to know more about my style and the work I have done in the past. You can use me as your personal guide and share with me with all the beautiful details you have in plan for your wedding day.

5.How many hours of coverage will we need?

You can choose the time of coverage based on the details of your wedding. Many couples feel okay with having an 8-hour coverage of their big day. Any less than this for a traditional St Louis wedding can make you miss some part of the event, either the start or the end. If you want coverage for a send-off as well, then you can plan it with your St Louis wedding photographer. Time can always be extended even after everything is decided officially. Overall, I am very flexible and I don’t want you to miss any single moment of your big day. 

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