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The south has many old traditions that are still in practice. One of those is the 'Bridal Session.' You may not know about it if you aren't from the south. But this following post is going to share with you that why you want a bridal session. So, let's get to know some southern traditions. You may want to get a St Louis bridal portrait after reading :) .

What is bridal session?

It is an old southern tradition where the bride holds a portrait session alone without groom. During the session, she dresses up exactly like she is going to be on her big day. Most brides preferably get the same makeup and hair done as their wedding day would be. This session is held quite sometime before the wedding day, more like a month or two. These pictures are kept in secret until the big day. On the big day, these pictures are printed out and showcased at the wedding reception. Bridal session is sometimes called 'bridal' in the industry (just in case you are getting confused.) 

Why should I have my bridal session?

Either you haven't heard bridal session this term or not. But there are a few reasons why you may consider to have a bridal session with me, your St Louis Wedding Photographer.

1. A trail run for your makeup and hair: I believe excited brides-to-be have been imagining themselves in their dream dress for many times already. But still seeing is believing. A St Louis bridal session will allow you to see yourself in your wedding dress with hairdo and makeup. You get to know if the dress fits or needs some alternations. You get to see if makeup shade looks too dark or too light for you. Plus, you get to test if you are allergic to certain makeup brand. (True story: I had my make up test run the day before my wedding day. At that night, I found out I had rashes on my face after I removed the makeup. Fortunately, the rashes went away after I used ice compress. My make up artist ran to the store to get another foundation the first thing in the morning on my wedding day. My skin was not sensitive, but you'd never know ). All in all, A St Louis bridal session is a fun way of dress rehearsals!

2 Bridal portrait with no eyes on you: HEAVEN! Just to let you know people are going to stare at you and watch your every move from every corner on your wedding day. Haha..Because it's your big day, then they have all the right to stare at the bride. No matter if you used to be a posing queen or not, it's still weird to pose under so many eyes watching. Save yourself from this awkwardness and hire a St Louis wedding photographer for your bridal session. You can be yourself on your bridal session because it will be just you and me.

I hope this helps you to have an idea of what a bridal session is. I offer bridal session in my service. We can do it either outdoors or in a studio, where ever you'd like. I assume you are planning a wedding, so Contact me for more information. I'd love to discuss with you more.

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