How to plan a wedding step by step

You are engaged! Woowoo! Then now what? Are you not sure what is the next step? I have a few brides told me that nobody around them are getting married or their families haven't had a wedding for 20 years. So they don't know where to start it. Here are a few tips I'd like to share how to plan a wedding.

  1. Picture what do you want your wedding day look like or feel like. Do you want to get married at the church your grow up? Do you want to have the reception at hotel ballroom? Do you want to the ceremony and reception held in one place? Do you want a more country or rustic vibe? Or do you like more classic/ urban style? You can start discussing with your fiance and get inspired on Pinterest.
  2. Prioritize what is the most 5 important things to you on your wedding day. Is it wedding venue? Photography? decor/flowers/, or food and drinks.
  3. Set up a roughly budget before you check out the venue.
  4. Ask your finance and both side's parents to have a roughly wedding guest numbers.
  5. Look for a wedding venue. Make an appointment with the venue and go take a look with your finance. Ask the venue what are included in their package. Some venue include catering and decoration in their package. How many people can they accommodate? How many hours/from when to when is included? Do you need to take care of cleaning afterwards?
  6. Lock up the date with the venue! Now it's official.
  7. Decide on wedding party.
  8. Look for your wedding dress,suit and bridesmaid's dresses. This is the most fun part.
  9. Look for vendors, such as photographer, DJ , florist, officiant, hair and make up stylist or catering if it's not included in the venue package. I would say start looking as soon as possible because there are just that many Saturday in a year. I have a few inquiries that requested the same date.
  10. Start your registry, such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Amazon or Walmart.
  11. Get your engagement photo done for "save the date" use.
  12. Narrow down the guest list and send the invitation cards out 2-3 months before your wedding day. I recommend you can get your invitation cards through a place called " Minted". Here is the link Their invitation cards have nice quality.
  13. Don't forget to shop for your wedding band.
  14. Set up a timeline for your wedding day.
  15. Plan the honeymoon.
  16. Get the marriage license! (Very important) You will need to check with your county. Some states require a limited time frame. For example, some states require a waiting period. Some states require once you obtain the marriage license , you will need to get married in a certain time frame, or it will expire.
  17. Confirm details with the vendors.
  18. GET MARRIED. Finally, it's your big day. Enjoy and have fun!

Hope it helps!

From Mandy- Southern Illinois & St Louis wedding photographer