About your wedding bouquet

I am all about real flowers. Here are 3 reasons I think brides should consider using natural/ real flowers.

  1. Myth: Real flowers are so expensive. It is actually not true. While it costs a little more, but real flowers are not much expensive than artificial flowers. A bouquet is around $ 80-150. If you think you are budgeting, you go to Hobby Lobby to pick up some flowers and want to DIY. A stem of flower costs $ 3-5. They look skinny, so you probably need at least 25-40 stems to make it a good size, which will cost you around $ 75-150. It is not any cheaper than real flowers.
  2. Natural is beauty. Real flowers are more beautiful than artificial flowers. As a St Louis wedding photographer, I have photographed many bouquets. I think real flowers look prettier in the pictures. Fresh flowers are always WOW, and can be AWE inspiring and romantic. Real flowers have a natural scent and are true beauty that artificial flowers can never substitute.
  3. Support local business. I am hesitating while typing this, but this is how I feel. We don't see many flower shops on the corner anymore. This is my personal experience when I was preparing my wedding. While I was thinking what I wanted for my bouquet, I looked for inspiration on the Internet (not even sure if Pinterest exists at that time). I decided I wanted blue, white and pink roses. One day, on my way home, I stopped by a flower shop which I passed by everyday. I told the florist my idea and the florist showed me her the bouquet she has made before. This is NO bouquet is alike, so be specific as you can when you describe what you are picturing. For example, pink roses, is it hot pink or light pink? What kind of blue? Navy blue or baby blue? So be more specific as you can and show the florist some pictures .

Hope it helps and enjoy designing your one kind of bouquet.

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