Hey ! You are engaged! Congrats! Then you need an engagement session. You may be wondering what to wear to an engagement photo session. Here are some tips and hacks that I'd like to share with you. Of course, as your wedding photographer, I always love to help.

What to Wear:

For her: A light, flowy dress that is able to catch the breeze. Coordinating, simple jewelry, and colors that are muted (think soft pastels if you want that romantic, airy look) or go BOLD and get a bold red or yellow dress for that punch of color against a blue sky. As for your shoes, just keep the location in mind when deciding between heels, wedges or sandals.

For him: Button-down shirts and sweaters are perfect! So he wants to go buy a new shirt, just make sure that it's all ironed or steamed to get out all those wrinkles. For pants, go for some chinos/dressy slacks. For shoes, a pair of brown dress shoes (unless the outfit is black).

What to NOT Wear (Equally as important):

Avoid anything too matchy-matchy, avoid noticeable logos, graphics, and bold prints. Avoid jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, and tank-tops too!

I hope that helps when you are planning what to wear!

As for the number of outfits, keep in mind we are limited to a certain amount of time. And every couple I have ever worked with always prefers to wear one outfit over the other. So, I recommend just sticking to one outfit and making the most out of it. 

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