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There are so many Southern Illinois wedding venues to choose from, but Walkers Bluff is one of the kind. Walkers Bluff is a Southern Illinois' premier wedding vendor providing complete wedding planning on full service. At Walkers Bluff, you have many awesome selections when you choose where is your ceremony location. You can either decide to have an outdoor ceremony at The Enchanted Forest, Lakeside, or Vineyard and beautiful land spread over 300 acres. As a Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer, I understand the weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, having a backup indoor ceremony site is the must. At Walkers Bluff, they offer The Tasting Room and Wine Cave (Yes, it is a cave. How cool it is!!) if you prefer indoor ceremony. They provide endless possibilities! 

Walker's bluff was founded in 2008 on soft rolling hills and fertile acreage. Walkers Bluff first started as a fine dining restaurant. Later it becomes one of the best Southern Illinois' premier dining, entertainment, and wedding venue.  At Walkers Bluff, they understand how stressful it can be while planning a wedding. This is why they have assigned wedding coordinators who will be with you from selecting a wedding décor to finalizing the catering and drinks for your guests. 

Getting married at Walker's Bluff - A dream comes true

Your wedding day can be one of the most memorable day of your life. I believe you have been dreaming what your big day will be like for a long time. You are about to throw the biggest party of your life. However, planning a wedding can be also overwhelming and stressful.

At Walkers Bluff, they understand this emotion with the core of their hearts. This is why they have put in extreme effort into making this venue an ideal for people tying the knot here. From the very first event hosted at Walkers Bluff to many weddings and different events that have taken place at this venue, they have offered their very best each time. At Walkers Bluff, the Event Coordinators Kelcy and Stephanie, the Event are the best. They help couples to coordinate and smooth out the entire process of hosting your wedding day. Your wedding can truly be called 'a fairy tale event' when hosted at Walkers Bluff. 

What do they offer?

They offer a full range of ceremonial packages. Once you enter in Walkers Bluff, you probably wouldn't want to go anywhere else. They have a huge Ceremony sites for you to choose from.

They have an Outdoor Event Space where they provide covered and uncovered outdoor events. Further, they have a Dressing Room, Liability Insurance, On-Site Accommodations, Reception Area, to name a few. Other facilities like wireless internet and venue being accessible for handicapped are also available. Handicapped accessible can be overlooked but it’s actually very important for your elder family members. Walkers Bluff can hold guest capacity of 300+. If you have a large guest list in your mind while looking for a Southern Illinois Wedding Venue, guest capacity should be included in consideration.  

What is a wedding without wine?

Yes, we all need tasty food and refreshing wines. They offer the best food and drinks. They have a wide range of food, beers, cocktails, and wines at Walkers Bluff. As a Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer, who has photographed many weddings at different venues. I promise your guest will be so impressed with their food on your big day.

Are you planning your wedding?

We all know planning a wedding is not an easy job. The team at Walkers Bluff knows you want the best for your wedding day. Taking everything in your hands is not a good idea when you are the bride or the groom themselves. It's your day to make memories and not a day to spend hours and hours of nibbling your nails over the minute details of the big day. Leave most of it to Walkers Bluff, and you just provide them the concept you have been dreaming over for ages for your big day. They will handle the rest. Due to COVID-19, there are a lot of rescheduling to late 2020 and 2021. If you are planning your wedding, you will need to secure your vendors as soon as possible. Schedule a tour at Walkers Bluff today! For inquiry my dates for your wedding photography service, please contact me.  

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